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What exactly is the difference between a muscle group training and resistance training?

It is important to know what muscle groups are trained and what are exercises. A muscle group is a group of muscles located between the elbow, shoulder, or other body parts. Resistance training uses weight, pressure, or a device to cause movement of a muscle group.

How is the training done?

In some types of muscle group training, a person performs an exercise, such as a squat, in a specific muscle group. These exercises are done on a machine. Some are also done with a variety of exercises. There are three main types of exercises that may be used: static exercises, compound exercises, and isolation exercises. The type of exercise used can determine the results that you will get from a particular program. This is true in all forms of training except resistance training.

Static exercises use weight to help a muscle group increase its work. These include the bench press, deadlift, squat, and leg press. You might choose to include some type of compound movement to help with the exercise. For example, leg extensions, calf raises, and leg curls would be great exercises for a beginner.

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